I hear the ancestors in the wind. I breathe in their ancient breath, feeling the sun upon my shoulders and the earth beneath my feet.  I honour the spirits of nature around me, singing their soulsong in the twilight hours with the blackbird in the elder tree.  I feel the spark of life dancing deep within as I gaze into the fire's flame, carrying the warmth of the embers within.  I drink in the waters of life, holding, sustaining, teaching of flow and release.

Druidry is my religion. I am a priest of nature.  I honour the land upon which I live, and live in accordance with the land, honouring the seasons, the ancestors, the spirits of hearth and home.  I can hear the pulsing heart of these ancient isles, rich with spirit and history, the tales of the land rising like morning's mist from a still, silent lake.  I conduct rituals to honour nature, to deepen the connection to this land upon which I live, to the skies above and the universe in its whirling round.  I dance in the circle of firelight, humming gently in the twilight, creating, sustaining and nurturing the threads of connection to life around me.

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